$99 WordPress Website

It’s possible to create a $99 WordPress website because there are many website development companies and freelancers who offer low-cost services to create basic websites using pre-made templates or themes.

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that offers many pre-built themes and plugins that can be used to create a functional website quickly and easily. This makes it possible for developers to create websites more efficiently, which can help to lower costs.

It’s important to keep in mind that a $99 website may not include all the features or customization options that you need for your website, and it may not be able to provide the level of design or functionality that a more expensive website can offer.

So, while it’s possible to create a $99 WordPress website, it’s important to carefully evaluate the quality of the service and the end product before making a decision.

Why do I do it?

I offer the $99 WordPress website as a means of helping small business owners and entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. I got my bachelor’s degree in Human Services, and I have always enjoyed helping people.

What’s Included:

Website design and development

Your new $99 WordPress website will be built on using the Divi theme. The Divi theme has many different looks and feels that are available to use as a templated website design.

What’s Not Included


If you wish to purchase hosting as an add-on service, I am currently offering it at a price of $99/year.

Domain Name Registration

You will need to register your website domain at a domain name registrar such as Namecheap. There are tons of domain name registrars out there and all of them have their own prices.

How a $99 WordPress Website can help you bring in more business

A WordPress website can help bring in new business in several ways.

Improved online presence

Having a professional-looking website can help improve your online presence and make your business more visible to potential customers who are searching for products or services like yours.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

A WordPress website can be optimized for search engines, which can help improve your website’s visibility in search results and attract more organic traffic to your site.

Content marketing

WordPress makes it easy to publish and share content such as blog posts, videos, and infographics, which can help attract new visitors to your site and establish your business as an industry leader.

Lead generation

WordPress offers many plugins and tools that can be used to create forms, landing pages, and other lead generation tools that can help convert website visitors into customers.


If you sell products or services online, WordPress offers many e-commerce plugins and tools that can be used to create a fully functional online store, making it easy for customers to purchase from your business.

Analytics and tracking

WordPress offers many analytics and tracking tools that can be used to track website traffic, user behavior, and other key metrics, which can help you make data-driven decisions to improve your website and attract more business.

By leveraging the many features and tools available on WordPress, businesses can create a powerful online presence that can help attract new customers and grow their business.

Other Terms and Conditions

Due to the great value offered in this deal, all of the $99 is due before the project can be started. I stand to make very little money on your $99 WordPress website, but I do it because I love helping people. If you are not in a position to purchase one of my standard web design packages, I do not want that to stop you from making your dream come true.

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