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Web Hosting South Florida Businesses Rely On

What is Web Hosting?

You can think of web hosting as a hard drive, out in cyberspace, that contains all the files that make up your website.

Every website needs a hosting account. Without it, the pictures, video, text, audio, and other elements are on your website would not be able to be experienced.

Why do you offer web hosting?

We provide website hosting for our clients as an added benefit of working with us. Most website developers will have you go to a third party hosting platform, such as GoDaddy, and purchase a hosting package. Once that’s finished, they will start developing your website.

We have found that asking clients to perform this action can cause a lot of angst and resistance. After all, most people don’t know what web hosting is, let alone how to purchase it in an effective manner.

For this reason, we offer our clients the ability to control their website hosting directly through Be Found.

If you would like to have all of your assets corralled into one system, we can help.

Will You Work with third party web hosting accounts?

Yes, we absolutely will.

People that have existing websites on a third party host are still able to work with us. Even if you don’t have a website host yet and wish to host your website outside of Be Found, we can and will work with you.

The hosting packages that we offer are completely optional and offered for your convenience.

Web Hosting Fort Myers
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